HD HDMI use line notes

- Mar 24, 2016-

1.HDMI line in use, to avoid excessive bending of wire, such as folding, winding is possible damage to the line conductors or shield. Generally along curved bend will not damage the cables.
2. takes note of gold-plated interface brightness, is now available on the better quality gold-plated HDMI cable with 24K so that you can effectively plug multiple plug contacts after the problem of the poor, so as to avoid signal loss and impact effects.
3. the wiring must be used before the device tested OK before the formal laying wire quality, both ends of the cable connector wear dust caps wrapped waterproof glue, slotted wire, pipe not dragged, not twisted and knotted, so as not to cause damage, led HDMI internal capacitance and impedance structure, causing signal attenuation distortion.
4.HDMI connector is fragile, it is recommended that when embedding the necessary can be buried more than two lines as an alternate, must and separation of high voltage wires.

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