Influence of quality of the USB charger to the battery life

- Mar 24, 2016-

Biggest difference different charger is charging current, I think the charger is generally best not to disparities 100mA of current parameters, current for the battery's role is to direct and battery so I can charge it is actually because of the current role. Current Assembly caused internal deterioration of the chemical elements. This battery is not used.
In using USB charger of when voltage parameter and standard of parameter best is don't over 0.5V like a battery is 4V entered charging of, up is can using 4.5V or is 3.5V, once using is not such of a standard range within of voltage, first is has may led to cannot charging, second even is charging can normal for is will for battery produced must of against, fundamental reasons also is because battery also is a pathway, and gathered in its ends of voltage if is had big words is will damage this battery of internal structure.

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