The advantages of USB characteristics

- Mar 24, 2016-

1, easy to use
In terms of software, USB driver and application software can be designed to automatically start without requiring users to do more operations, it also brings great convenience for users.
2, fast enough
Speed performance is one of the salient features of USB technology. USB interfaces maximum transfer rate of up to 12Mb/sec, exactly 100 times faster than the serial port times, more than 10 times faster than parallel port.
3, connect the flexible
USB serial interface supports a number of different devices connected, a USB port could theoretically connect 127 USB devices. How connections are also very flexible, you can use either a serial connection, you can also use the Central Connector (Hub), more devices are connected together, with PC connected to the USB port.
4, independent power supply
Common use serial ports, parallel ports device requires a separate power supply, while the USB device is not required, because the USB interface provides a built-in power supply.
5, support for multimedia
USB provides two-channel data to phone support. USB supports asynchronous and isochronous data transfer makes phone calls can be integrated with PC, sharing voice mails, and other properties.

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