Logo Story

1°edo, in Chinese means our past, history... . No matter how excellent we were, it can only be a thing of the past.
Although we are a small branch of electronic technology industry,  butour product is an essential part of people's lives.
Like boiling water, the 1℃ is the essential part of the boiled water.
Looking forward to the future, we can only survive by making meaningful innovation and rapid insight to customers'demand and aspiration to improve people's life
Therefore,our company is committed to be a true market-driven enterprise. Our brand positioned base on three criteria: Design for You, Easy to Experience, and Advanced Technology, just in order to supply more and more products and service that meet the real needs of consumers.
Brand Slogan: Let's make things better
Extreme Creativity & Ultimate enjoyment:
It is a kind of professional spirit, a kind of attitude on R&D, design and quality control. We are aiming at bringing more creativity in your wonderful life
One degreesimplicity: It is a kind of life style, without too much decoration &unnecessary polish, simple but not easy, it is a low-key luxury, a simple and extraordinary life philosophy, which is also our brand concept.