DC Jack From The Following Three Aspects

- Mar 24, 2016-

DC Jack from the following three aspects:
1, Panel, and floor materials
DC socket panel with incandescent bulbs direct sunlight, light from a good outline of the lights on the Panel, gloss is clear and there is no difference. Poor quality manufacturers will get other plastic material in the panels, not glossy fragile, short life, bending the cover will snap. Pieces of copper plate is wrapped in plastic parts, use circuit board made of flame retardant PBT material fire flame but flame goes out immediately after leaving reached flame retardant.
2, see pin
DC socket with pins should be arranged evenly, with a certain flexibility.
3, see shrapnel
Metal dome is the most important part of the DC socket, alloy is the best metal shrapnel fragments, such as copper. Contact followed by Silver cadmium cadmium is a heavy metal, polluting the environment, do not use. Using the thermal conductivity of iron, was the worst of these.

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