USB Cellphone Charger For IPhone

- Aug 30, 2016-

Energy-saving and environmental protection
Design team took a month to record and analyze the charging habits of more than 300 digital products
This USB charger specifically for a product indicator-standby power consumption has been upgraded
Model number: CC00300
Efficiency: DoE 6 at CoC V5 Tier 2 (68.95% min)
Power saving: <30mW at no load, 115V AC/230V AC
Protection: OVP, SCP
Isolation primary to secondary: 3000V AC, 10mA for 1 min
Insulation primary to secondary: >7MΩ, 500V DC
Dimensions: 42x43x21mm
Electrical specifications:
Input voltage: 100-240V AC (90-264V AC min/max)
Frequency: 50/60Hz nom (47-63Hz min/max)
Input current: 0.1A (RMS) max
Output voltage: 5V
Maximum output power: 2.75W continuous
Output ripple & noise: 100mV (pk-pk)
Line regulation: ±5%

Leakage current: <20mA at 264V AC/63Hz

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