USB Logo History

- Mar 24, 2016-

USB is the English abbreviation for universal serial bus, translated into Chinese is the "universal serial bus", also known as universal serial interface. Perhaps the term you are not familiar with, call the "USB" you should have heard of it. So what USB? Why it now favors for the people? Computer hardware development, more and more peripherals, keyboards, mice, modems, printers, scanners, long known, digital cameras, MP3 players come to really have so much equipment, where the receiving computer? USB is based on this. USB is a computer peripheral device connection standardization, simplification of interfaces. USB specification from Intel, NEC, Compaq, Dec, IBM, Microsoft, northerntelecom contact formation. Speeds of 12Mbps USB standard interfaces. Note to reader, a USB device can only get 6Mbps transmission bandwidth. To an external optical drive, up to six times, double speed CD drive, could not be higher. And to play the VCD movie MPEG-1, the transmission bandwidth of at least 1.5Mbps, USB can, but complete data capacity four times times the MPEG-2 of DVD movie playback, USB would have great difficulty, plus AC-3 audio data would be difficult to achieve instant play USB device. An interface can theoretically support up to 127 USB devices, but has not reached that figure. In fact, for a computer, the peripherals is seldom more than 10, so this number is enough for us to use. USB also has a significant advantage is that support hot-swappable, meaning that in the case of power, you can connect or disconnect USB devices safely, achieve true plug-and-play.

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