USB Type-C Fully Occupied CES2016

- Mar 24, 2016-

From 2016, CES show as you can see, USB Type-C replace the other ports of trends has never been so fast, and even many brand new products around the Type-C interface to publish can be expected in 2016 the popularity of Typ-C interface is faster.
Transmission formats and diverse compared to other interfaces, integrated USB Type-C interface has a natural advantage. Google (Google) released the next generation Android 6.0 (cotton candy) operating system native support for USB 3.1 specification and Type-C ports, have led to the upstream system/chip manufacturers and downstream manufacturers a comprehensive follow-up, eco-systems are in place. "BadUSB" vulnerability exposure was further improved by security issues, standards and protocol rules rewritten, USB Type-C will become one of the most promising markets this year.

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